Android Atlas Weekly 52: How Android can mend (and rend) relationships (Podcast)

Android Atlas Weekly 52: How Android can mend (and rend) relationships (Podcast)

Samsung attempts to improve its relationship with the hacking community by giving free phones to the Cyanogen team and we dig into the dark corners of one user’s romantic relationship with our tech advice. Later we debate the merits of the
Android Market‘s app return policy versus T-Mobile’s app rental scheme, Antuan and Justin continue to butt heads over the upcoming Droid Bionic, and Nokia’s CEO tries to convince us that Apple, and not Google, created Android. Find all of that, plus the answers to your emails, on this episode of Android Atlas Weekly.

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Samsung gift to Cyanogen modders: Free phones

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I live in Salt Lake City and Big Red’s LTE is coming soon. I am looking at the new phones from their LTE line up, and I was wondering if you could suggest your favorite. I use tons of widgets and my OG Droid just isn’t cutting it anymore. It seems to run really slow. I plan on rooting the phone for access to tethering apps and things of that sort. I also usually run a launcher so the UI that is on the phone isn’t a huge deal. HDMI out is something that would be nice but not a deal breaker (at least for the moment) and I’m looking for something that runs great more than anything. Knowing this what phone would you recommend I buy or should I just wait for what the Droid Bionic might bring.

I love the podcast and the site keep up the good work.

Dave from Salt Lake


ll review all gingerbread tablets so I can know which one to buy? I am looking at some like the asus one and I can’t figure out which one is the best. The dell one’s suck bad but I thought the motorola xoom was good until I saw the asus eee one. So now I’m thinking I don’t want to buy one because I may not have found a great one yet.

Kansas City, MO


To get the galaxy tab next week but my biggest concern is how I am going to share it with my girlfriend. I have a CR-48 and it supports multiple user accounts but as far as I can tell Honeycomb does not. The thought sharing one account makes me physically ill. I know you can set up multiple gmail accounts but having to log into facebook,. twitter, ebay etc after every time she uses it would be awful. Having my home screens cluttered with horoscope and gossip blog apps will give me a panic attack. I’d tell her to buy her own but she’s poor.

Do you know of any 3rd party apps or custom roms that will help out?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Carl from Philadelphia


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