Android Tablet App Is Live

Android Tablet App Is Live

Early in July we announced Game Informer had come to the iPad, and now we can finally announce that GI has come to Android.

The app is available for free on the Android marketplace and comes with a free demo/beta issue that features the entire Assassin’s Creed III cover story. Unfortunately, we are unable to sell annual subscriptions directly through the app at this time, but if you are already a digital subscriber you will be able to download new issues as they appear throughout your current subscription (the Gears of War: Judgment issue is available now).

Otherwise, you can buy single issues for $4.99 in the US (it is also available Internationally at various price points) through the marketplace, or subscribe through this link and follow the instructions to link your digital subscriptions to your device to receive the issues as part of your subscription. With a digital subscription through us you gain access to the browser edition, the iPad edition, and the Android edition by simply using your log in (once the email addresses for the sub and your site log in are matched up).

There are a couple of things of note you need to be made aware of:

* Game Informer’s Android App is only readable on 10″ or larger devices using version 3.0 and up.

* Screen pops currently do not work on the Android edition, but we hope to have an update to address this issue in the coming months.

* There is a bug (which we will also address soon) that only allows us to use a tap event to open the navigation window which can make selecting links a little annoying (in the future it will require pushing on the screen for 2 seconds to bring up the menu as intended).

* 19.99 in-app annual subscriptions coming soon

Game Informer has more Android support coming in the future so please consider this a first step.


Game Informer Android Tablet Highlights

* Embedded movies that you can watch anywhere, plus access to tons of movies online that you can watch from inside the app.

* Links to additional information online that can be viewed inside the app.

* Interactive screenshot galleries and information kiosks (our first issue features monster galleries for Gears of War, interactive E3 Bingo, and an armory for Darksider II’s Death).

* All the information of the print edition redesigned for ease of use on tablet.


Click here for a link to the app.



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