ANGRY BIRDS EPIC – Part 2 (iPhone Gameplay Video)

ANGRY BIRDS EPIC – Part 2 (iPhone Gameplay Video)

Lonnie plays Angry Birds Epic – Part 2 (iPhone Gameplay Video) This is part 2 of my video game commentary playthrough / walkthrough series of “Let’s play Ang…



Q Faulkner says:

MORE and play ni no kuni

Toxic Gaming says:

Play Bounce Slime if you want too! :D

taps plays says:

under 60 club

Jose Machado says:

Play more

Julian Shipp says:

I can’t find it and I’m mad because it looks so cool

joey52203 says:

Why can’t I get this app in the App Store

Julius Fostvedt says:

More angry birds Epic

TheJSWeirdo says:

Fly swatters = Spatulas 😛 Lonnie your funny

kristaps tihanovskis says:

play pou

GhoulsRule12 says:


John Chang says:

Can anyone tell me why I can’t find this in the App Store

Nico Nevander says:

this is epic game

rinakiiin says:

Episode 3

ninjastyleism says:

2 secs? It sounds 2 sex! UR INAPROPPIATE BEHAVIOR

InFurbo says:

Feels like South Park Stick of Truth

Lassi Lahtiluoma says:

Why i can’t find angry birds epic on app store using my iPad air?

James Batchelder says:

play more I bjoefohvndfiovoefn please

Cali Harris says:

You left me hanging?! YOU WILL RUE THIS DAY! or when you read it.;-)

rompajompa says:

play Battle Gems (just came out) pls

Elvis Shelton says:

not available in US…. :(

1funnyteen says:

I searched that in the app store but i couldn’t get it, its like it doesnt

Finland Haney says:

first comment

Aidan Mahoney says:

This I don’t think it’s a RPG lonnie

Jay Coyle says:

Either play more time surfer or play mixture

Gavin Athmann says:

Where did you find the game on the AppStore

Amanda Castle says:

Can you play games from America

Joze Šimunović says:

when is this game coming for android?I want ittttt!!!!!

jasten treece says:


JKsonickiller says:


Crazy banana says:

When does this game come out for the UK?

TailsTheDigger says:

I know the game hasn’t been realized on many countries (I’m from Mexico),
but, does it require an internet connection to play? (I see to download
additional content, but I mean if it requires internet to play the game)

blaisenorberg says:

It’s not on App Store

Seth Pavano says:

It’s cool play more I want to see if you catch thoughts bad boys too.

lillyandgarth ajfan says:

could you please play monkey boots

Juan Chaljub says:

Play 8 Ball Pool

Mario54324 says:

Under 340 club

William Hepner says:

Play gta 3

Rob Dyer says:

i can’t find it in the app store

Tajay Kellar says:

I can not find in app store

mrkools page says:

i love this game

winona kellie says:

how do you film your iphone screen without showing you fingers?

Julia Alexandra Richards says:

Robot unicorn attack 2 is the full name and it’s a really awesome game!!!

ivy bosley says:

Play more of this game.

MajORgamErscore says:

you should play smash hit next!!..great vid btw:D

Nathaniel Batatan says:

Guys it’s not in the us store yet

XMEzy100 says:

Lonniedos is his kik guys im not lying but he doesnt go on as much

Cali Harris says:


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