Best Android Games of the Week: God of Light, Dead Trigger 2, OLO, LEGO …

Best Android Games of the Week: God of Light, Dead Trigger 2, OLO, LEGO …

Best Android Games of the Week

Another week, another batch of Android video games for you to install on your tablet and smartphones.

This week we’ve got a wide array of Best Android Games genres listed, as it goes from puzzles to action adventure and racing titles. The Best Android video games aren’t listed in any particular order, you can decide for yourself which one to install without being influenced by a biased list.

All the video games listed below are supported by Android device and are available for download from Google Play Store. The installation link is listed under each video game section. Note that some titles are available only if you buy them, while others might be free and packing the ‘in-app purchases’ system.

Some of the Android games posted here were launched as early as last week, while other were added to Google’s Play Store at the end of this year. Besides the new titles you will also find some video games that were updated recently with major features.

Go through all the video games I’ve listed below and then tell us in comments which ones are your favorite. Also, you can use the comments section to post other titles that you consider it should have made our list of Best Android Games of the Week.

God of Light – free:

God of Light is a puzzle video game that will have you play as Shiny, the game mascot which has to save the Universe from all evil. You will be taken through three different game worlds and over 75 levels while using prisms, mirrors, splitters, black holes, collectors, filters in order to control light energy rays.

God of Light comes with elements from various other puzzle-based games, it offers you a great deal of fun while forcing you to give your best with every single new level you play. Use the achievements unlocking systems and battle against your friends to become the best God of Light player.

God of Light works with all Android 2.3.3 and later versions.

Download and install God Of Light for FREE from Play Store here.

Dead Trigger 2 – free:

MADFINGER Games has launched a new update for one of the most popular Android games, Dead Trigger 2. The game version has been upgraded to 0.5.0 and it should brings more fun and adventure for those who already have the game installed on their devices.

Dead Trigger 2 updates brings for the first time the Arena of Death that will allow you to kill every single zombie character in multiple other ways while being watched by an audience. With the new update you will get the possibility to build traps and use Lucky Boxes that will improve your Arena points while giving you boosts and Power ups. Now there is a Leaderboard that you can use to compare your score with all your friends. Besides all these changes you will get new zombies, new warfare and new environments.

If you didn’t play Dead Trigger 2 until now, then you can give it a try for free. If you want to level up faster, then you can use the in-app purchases and get your hands on better weapons that will help you gain points faster.

The game is available for Android 4.0 and later editions. Install it from Google Play Store here.

OLO – $0.99:

OLO is a minimalist multiplayer board game that you can either play it with three of your friends or online against strangers. You need to capture as many OLOs using various tactics and maneuvers and keeping them in your target zone. Beat everyone and climb up the Game Play Services leaderboard.

An intuitive, fresh, minimalist video game that you can try right now on your Android device. It works with both Android 2.3 and later tablets and smartphones. If you want to get the best out of OLO for Android, then you should try it on a tablet.

Install OLO on your device from Google Play Store.

Not so Fast – $0.99:

If you don’t like runners and you wish to harm them, then this Not So Fast video game is the one for you to use. Trap all the runners or most of them and set high scores. Do not let any runner get to the end of the level and you will then be happy.

This is an arcade 2D pixelated title that has been designed by Elemental Zeal which will bring you tons of fun while playing, though it requires you to pay $0.99 in order to play it.

Install Not So Fast for Android 2.3 or later from Google Play Store.

Even – Free:

Even is a matching numbers game, a genre that keeps getting popular on all platforms. It is one of the most addictive small games that you could ever install on your device, as it is simple and easy to learn while providing a whole amount of fun. Plan your moves ahead or use the Speed Play feature and get a high score under a minute.

Move numbers on the Even board by swiping and combining only those that are showing the same value. Try and get values higher and higher with each level before the board is filled with smaller numbers. When the game senses that you’re playing well then it will start posing other challenges and adding bombs to your game board. However, you can use the bomb as your ally by making sure to have high value blocks near it when it blows up.

Even is free for all Android 2.3 and later operating systems.

Install Even from Google Play Store.

oO – $1.97:

Simple yet one of the most challenging games you will ever try. If you’re a fan of dodging traps and constantly avoiding the inevitable disaster, then oO for Android is the game you need to try.

oO will need you to control a small ball and get as further as possible using the circles as its path. Dodge traps, death rays and other obstacles in order to become the best oO player. The game is not free to play, you need to pay $1.97 but it offers tons of challenges.

Download oO for Android 2.3 and up from Google Play Store.

Deadlings – Free:

Artifex Mundy has created one of the funniest arcade and strategy video games ever, as you will play with some deadly cute zombies while trying to finish all the 100 in-game levels with a highscore. You can choose to play as Bonesack, Creep Lazybrain, and Stencer while attempting to train all the zombie deadlings minions.

Other features of Deadlings: four very different worlds, four different types of zombies, side-scrolling gameplay, strategy and arcade modes, great soundtrack, hand-drawn artwork, four phases that are unlockable, a great storyline that stars the Not So Grim Reaper, funny gimmicks and sounds, and more.

Deadlings is free to play and it offers in-app purchases if you want to progress faster through all levels.

Get Dealings for Android 2.3.3 and later versions from Google Play Store here.

Save the Furries – free:

Help all these small green aliens complete all the fifty puzzling levels while escaping all the evil things such as spikey pits, evil creatures from other galaxies, explosions, Furax, etc.

Save the Furries is an intuitive game that will have you visit different planets and escaping all evil elements in order to complete its story. It is free to play for Android 2.3 and later editions, but learn that you can use the in-app purchases system in order to complete all levels faster.

Install Save the Furries on your device from Play Store.

LEGO Technic Race – free:

A small LEGO themed racing game that you can try on your Android is now available for installation. Choose from three different playable cars and race in an indoor track, run through all check points, collect pickups and challenge anyone to beat your score.

This game is free to play and you can install it on any Android 4.0.3 and later versions.

Install it from Google Play Store.

Lost Light – $1.99:

Disney are the creators of Lost Light, a puzzle-based adventure that will have you enter a magic forest where you will have to test your matching number skills. In this game you will find over one hundred levels, an addictive gameplay, nine different unique challenges, power-ups and more.

The game is not free to play as you will need to pay $1.99 in order to play it.

Install Lost Light for Android 2.3.3 and later from Google Play Store here.

Another puzzle game, but one that it is free to play. It is much more minimalistic than the others that I’ve listed above and it offers you the possibility to complete more than five hundred puzzles.  Complete any puzzle by placing the colored pieces in their right spots.

Puzzle bits works with all Android 2.3 and later versions, it is free to play and it offers you an in-app purchases system in order to complete all levels easier.

Install Puzzle Bits for Android from Google Play Store here.

Penombre – $1.24:

Penombre will take you to Penombre, a world filled with ghosts, witches and other creatures that will try to stop Umbra, the main character, from finding her way back home. Try and help the heroine get to her main land while travelling all over the seven kingdoms and use its spell book to make your task easier.

Penombre offers a fast gameplay, traps, creatures, magic spells, upgradeable powers, new levels unlocking is possible, and more.

Install Penombre for Android 2.3 and later from Google Play Store.

Pulser Free:

Zap any evil shape from invading your map with Pulser Free for Android. Set a custom six character keyboard and then you can either swipe or tap in order to destroy your rivals. A free video game that packs over 60 different levels, power ups, intelligent gameplay, HD visuals and more.

Install Pulser free on your Android 2.2 and later from Google Play Store.

Oh!Edo Towns- $0.99:

Casual small video game that will take you to Edo, the previous name used for Tokyo from 1603 to 1868 while it was ruled by the Tokugawa Shogun. Use this game to build houses, castles and other medieval buildings while attempting to great one of the best cities that ever existed in Japan.

Install Oh! Edo Towns for Android 1.2 from Google Play Store here.

The game costs $0.99, it doesn’t feature any in-app purchases.

Squares – free:

Match all colors in this puzzling game and get the best score by ranking first between your friends. Use the in-app purchasing system and buy the Insane level, a more challenging way for you to enjoy Squares.

Install Squares for Android 2.3.3 for free from Google Play Store.



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