Crazy Taxi (CRAZY) – (iPhone, Android, iPad, iPod Touch)

Crazy Taxi (CRAZY) – (iPhone, Android, iPad, iPod Touch)

This is what happens when I try to drive a taxi. Warning, it gets crazy… Twitter: Facebook: Cr…



Karent Mahecha says:

If you come here and work as a taxi driver, you’d get a job immediately!
Haha ­čśŤ It was a fun game, I loved all the crazy stuff you said, funny as
always Kgantic ­čśÇ and I also think you should play the original :-) ´╗┐

Devotedlamb19 says:

This was a nice change of pace and you did well.´╗┐

J.j Jinx says:

They played offspring in the game :D´╗┐


I’m a great taxi driver, but not a great life preserver…´╗┐

Owen shepherd's says:

Play flappy troll my high score is 58´╗┐

Ryry White says:

There is a tilt mode!´╗┐

Charlotte Williams says:

Every time it’s every time u do a video I always cry of laughter u are the
best funniest you tuber ever and I love the way u say latter crocodile ´╗┐

Xu July says:

hahaha SB´╗┐

Anne Louise Olech says:

hahaha I dont find u the least bit annoying ur so entertaining´╗┐

DblockPlaysMinecraft says:

Helloo first comment!!´╗┐

VoraciousGaming says:

Crocodile lol´╗┐

Jorge Velazquez says:

how you jump?´╗┐

sydney dumanowsky says:

I got 15 :)´╗┐

Blade Gray says:

I screamed when I seen this I loved that game ´╗┐

Laura Rowe says:

Or Roasty bird´╗┐

isaiah gallegos says:

All ways funny. And I think it be cool to see u do a doodle jump game play.

HolySpiritForever says:

Play dumb ways to die.´╗┐

Daniel Atienza says:

did you buyed the game?´╗┐

VoraciousGaming says:

Lol ur funny bro awesome vid´╗┐

Laura Rowe says:

Play crapy bird´╗┐

Gwreck562 says:

Man I loved this game in high school. When the PS2 first came out there was
barley any games for it and this was one of the games. And I played the
shit out of this game. And one of my first time getting high I remember
playing this game and having a blast! Good times.´╗┐

poop Fisher says:

You accent is hypnotic. ´╗┐

isaiah gallegos says:

That be cool to see you do a doodle jump game play .

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