Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade

Wait a minute, hasn’t Epic already ruled out an Android version of ChAIR’s graphically lush, Unreal Engine-powered iPhone smash hit? The headlines would have you think so, but those are a little misleading.

True, we’re placing Infinity Blade’s sublime gesture-based action-RPG on our 2011 list out of hope more than expectation, but there’s a reasonable chance we could see something towards the end of the year. The reason for our faith stems from a closer analysis of those Mark Rein quotes.

“So we have the engine up and running on Android, and we’re supplying it to licensees,” he said in a recent interview. While Rein says that Epic doesn’t have “any immediate plans in terms of our own games for it yet,” he assures us that “It will get there, I’m sure.”

With Samsung selling 10 million Galaxy S handsets, the recent release of the Nexus S and the forthcoming Tegra 2 dual-core invasion, we’re pretty sure it will too.



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