iPhone “Personal impact simulator” Stair Dismount now on Android

iPhone “Personal impact simulator” Stair Dismount now on Android

The very successful iPhone game Stair Dismount is now available on the Android Market, with independent publisher Secret Exit bringing the joys of inflicting massive physical damage on a crash dummy to all of us lot.

Stair Dismount is a free game, requiring users to have an Android 2.2 device or higher. You might also need something quite modern to do the physics justice, too. This is what it looks like:

stair dismount android 1 stair dismount android 2

They even put the Android mascot in to keep us happy. A quick look at the Android Market compatibility check shows that you do indeed need something with a decent processor – the game won’t run on the Vodafone SMART, Galaxy Ace, or Wildfire S for a start.

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