More robot fighting action coming to Android June 6 with Roblade

More robot fighting action coming to Android June 6 with Roblade


Looking for some more robot fighting action while waiting for your robot to cool down in Mechadroids? Well on June 6th there will be another robot fighting game similar to the TV series Robot Wars coming to Android called Roblade. If you didn’t watch the TV series, have no fear, I did so I’ll explain what this is all about.

Robot Wars, the TV show, was a show where people would make their own combat robots and pit them against other robots in an arena style combat. There were hazards in the arena that could also make or break a battle. A fight was won when a robot could no longer function properly. Roblade is going to bring this sort of action to your Android device on June 6th.


In Roblade you will be building your robot from the ground up, suiting it up with over 30 different mechanical parts and weapons in the hopes to defeat your opponents. You’ll be battling it out with other peoples creations and earn coins for winning a fight. These coins can be used to further customize your robot. Every part of your opponent can be destroyed but so can your robot’s parts, something to keep in mind when building your robot and not just packing it with every weapon in the game.

As of right now there is no pricing information released for Roblade but checking out the video above will give you a better idea of what to expect when the game drops onto the Google Play store on June 6th.

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