Nexus 7 starts bringing its game on with a 32 GB versio…

Nexus 7 starts bringing its game on with a 32 GB versio…

By now it is no secret that Google wants to release a 32 GB Nexus 7. We have seen more than enough proof, but things start getting interesting when we see the device being sold at some Staples stores. Yes, this is before any announcement, making it a mistake by the Staples representatives.

Regardless, both The Verge and our friends from Droid-Life have gotten pictures of receipts from customers who have managed to purchase a 32 GB Nexus 7 from Staples.

nexus7-receipt-1 nexus7-receipt-2

According to the evidence, the 32 GB Nexus tablet will be sold for the same price of the current 16 GB model – $250. The main concern by now is what will happen with the current Nexus 7 versions. We have heard that the 16 GB version will be discontinued, but that would create a huge gap between the remaining 8 GB and 32 GB models.

It makes more sense to follow the latest rumors, which state that the 8 GB Nexus 7 will be the discontinued device and the 16 GB model will see a price drop to $200. We can definitely expect to see more information about the new prices and models come October 29 at Google’s New York event.

But putting all details and prices aside for a while, one can’t help but get excited about a Nexus 7 with more internal storage. This tablet has been advertised as a great mobile gaming machine; it has all the specs to be one, and games run smooth as silk, but it lacks one thing. A major one, at that – internal storage is just not enough for the device to hold more than a few HD games, especially for owners of the 8 GB version. To make it more complicated, the 7-inch affordable tablet does not feature a microSD slot.

Needless to say hard-core Android gamers have been gravitating towards other tablets with more storage capacity and external memory options. With this move, Google breaks down its only wall and provides a much more reasonable option for gamers, all while keeping the price more than accessible.

I haven’t purchased a Nexus 7 for this reason alone. I am a huge fan of streaming and cloud services, and use them every day, but that simply doesn’t work for gaming. Us gamers need that space to… store our games. I know I am signing up for the 32 GB version as soon as possible. Hell, I am going to give my local Staples a try later tonight and see if they bite – how about you?

Images Via: The Verge, Droid-Life]



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