Phonejoy game controller finally ships to backers

Phonejoy game controller finally ships to backers

After more than a year of waiting, Kickstarter supporters who pledged their money will start to receive their Phonejoy game controller. This controller promises to bring button-mashing enjoyment to your Android device, no matter their size.

Phonejoy took to Kickstarter in late December 2012 to try to get funds to bring this multi-purpose wireless controller to life. It was met with some amount of success, ending up with almost $20,000 more than their $50,000 goal. Now those who have been patiently waiting for the fruits of their money will finally get a chance to enjoy the gaming goodness brought by this controller.

Unlike majority of game controllers for smartphones, the Phonejoy was designed from the very beginning to be compatible with as many devices as possible. Using a unique sliding mechanism, the controller can adjust to fit not just Android smartphones but even, say, an iPhone. And it’s not just smartphones either. Even a Nexus 7 tablet can fit, although in an slightly awkward portrait orientation. That same sliding mechanism also allows the Phonejoy game controller to collapse into a neat little package that is no larger, but definitely fatter, than your wallet for maximum portability.

The game controller connects to devices via Bluetooth and is advertised to cover a distance of 30 feet. While that may be useless for mobile devices, since you’ll be attaching them to the controller anyway, it does make the controller usable for even PC gaming. Those who missed out on backing this product will just have to wait when the Phonejoy game controller goes on retail for a price of $69.90.

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