Pocket Soccer

Pocket Soccer

Pocket Soccer [by RasterGrid Entertainment] is an adaptation of a popular board game called button football. Now, I’ve said I don’t like soccer before, but fortunately this game is more similar to pool and Cestos. The soccer theme combined with fun physics makes it a very attractive and addictive game.

This game has 2 available game modes and a pending training mode. There are of course Single Player and Two Player modes. Two Player mode allows you to play Pocket Soccer with a friend, however, you will have to share the phone you will be playing on. Single player mode has 3 difficulty levels to choose from. I recommend choosing Easy the first couple of times, so that you don’t get frustrated about loosing.

Each player has 3 big balls with their country’s flag. Your mission is to throw the big balls at the small soccer ball so that it goes into the opposing team’s goal. You can only throw one big ball at a time and only when it’s your turn. You have 5 seconds to make a move and then it’s your opponent’s turn. Score 10 points to win the game.

The graphics are simple, but the game looks good. The gameplay is smooth and the physics are very good as well. Music is only played while you are in the main menu and the very realistic cheering crowed replaces it during the game. That combined with all other sounds create a very realistic soccer like atmosphere, which makes the game come to life.

You can unlock new fields to play on, new soccer balls and even new cheering soccer crowds. These features are available in the main menu of the game along with your achievements, a tutorial on how to play the game and audio settings. Pocket Soccer has a very clean and easy to navigate menu and definitely adds to the overall experience of the game.

Whether you’re a soccer fan or not you should definitely check this game out. Pocket Soccer feels complete, like an A+ school project. The only suggestion I have is for the next version to have a multiplayer mode as well. Get your free version of Pocket Soccer and enjoy.



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