Second Humble Indie Bundle with Android games now available

Second Humble Indie Bundle with Android games now available

The last Humble Indie Bundle (not counting Notch’s 60 hour weekend effort) landed on January 31 and introduced a brand new feature: games that run on Android. It was a nice additional feature as all the game continued to work on Windows, Linux, and Mac, but there was also the option to go mobile and play away from your desk.

Adding Android must have been a success as a new bundle went live today, and again it has Android-compatible games. Better yet, the four core games are all making their debut on Android, so for the moment this is the best, and probably cheapest way to pick them up for your smartphone or tablet.

The four games on offer with a pay what you want price include:

  • Avadon
  • Canabalt
  • Cogs
  • Zen Bound 2

As is usually the case, you can decide how much of your cash goes to the developers, the EFF and Child’s Play Charity, and the Humble Bundle itself to help keep it going. And if you pay more than the average there’s a free fifth game thrown in: Swords Soldiers.

In the past, new games have been added to the bundle as the days go by, but don’t put off purchasing just to see what else appears. If you buy now you still get whatever is added to the bundle over the coming two weeks.

Of the five games listed, Canabalt is probably the most popular. However, purchasing this bundle version gets you a new two-player mode and a special 3D graphics mode. So if you already own it there’s still an incentive to download it again. One final bonus: Canabalt, Swords Soldiers, and Zen Bound 2 also come with soundtracks.

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