Smash Hit Draw Something $0.99 Limited Time Only [Updates]

Smash Hit Draw Something $0.99 Limited Time Only [Updates]

OMGPOP, the developers of the overnight success mobile game Draw Something, are offering Draw Something for 99 cents for a short time only. Draw Something is an iPhone (including other iOS devices) and Android game app in which users create a simple pen drawing based on one of several thousand of words, while another designated or anonymous player has to guess the word the drawing depicts. You can also draw and play cooperatively with friends or competitively with rivals. In just a few short weeks, the game is been downloaded over 30 million times, with a reported 100 million drawings created.

Get your $0.99 copy of Draw Something in the iTunes App Store, and the Android Market for a limited time only. There are also free iOS and Android ad-supported versions of the game.

The leading social game services company, Zynga Inc, has recently announced on Wednesday the acquisition of OMGPOP and therefore the game Draw Something.


In its press release, Zynga said that, “As a part of the Zynga family, OMGPOP will focus on building new mobile IP and strengthening its existing portfolio of fun and creative social games“. It also states that in six weeks, Draw Something has had over 3,000 drawings per second at its peak and as of this week it’s the top free and top grossing app in the Apple Store, as well as the #1 word game in 84 countries according to Apple.


Playing the game is pretty simple and has been likened to Pictionary. Similar to Hangman, you’re given boxes for the number of letters of the word, and you can choose the “blow up” option to get a limited number of letters that might improve your chances of guessing the word.

Source: PC Magazine




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