TCH: Coins Hunter

TCH: Coins Hunter

TCH: Coins Hunter by [9-project] is a tilt based game that will make you say “Arrgh!!!”, either because you are really enjoying the pirate theme or because you are stuck on a very challenging level. If you’ve just completed Labyrinth and are ready to take on a new challenge or have bought your first phone with an accelerometer and want to test it out, Coins Hunter is definitely the game you are looking for.

As you may have already guessed the object of the game is to collect coins. Sounds simple enough right? Well, it is the first few levels, but then you learn that you can only collect coins of a certain color with a ball of the same color. Other difficulties include limited time, attracting and repelling magnets, crawling beetles, teleporting vortexes, ball color changing paint stains, walls made of breakable glass bubbles and just tricky situations based on coin and ball colors.

The game has beautifully drawn level backgrounds, great graphics and animations. It also sounds great thanks to the spot-on sounds and a catchy soundtrack. The gameplay is smooth and the physics are very accurate. That allows you to “feel” the ball and complete the hardest tasks. You can always recalibrate using the options which are accessible from the main menu and even during gameplay. Don’t be greedy and leave the vibration on as it will bring the game to life.

Not everybody has the steady hands of a brain surgeon or the patience of a Buddhist monk, so it’s OK if you get stuck on some level. Just remember that it’s not your phones fault and smashing it won’t do any good. Practice makes perfect. Once you complete the last 2 of 15 levels available in the lite version your ego will make you hungry for more. Luckily, the paid version has 100 levels, no ads and will only set you back $1.95.


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