Zenonia 3 coming to Android soon

Zenonia 3 coming to Android soon

Gamevil’s RPG sequel only just squeezed in at the end of 2010, but we can be confident that Zenonia 3 will hit Android devices in 2011. How so?

The first game appeared on Android around the time the second game appeared on iPhone, and a good year after the original hit the iPhone, back in March of this year. The second game cut three months off that lead time by coming out in December 2010, so we wouldn’t be surprised if the Android version hit even earlier – say the third quarter of 2011.

Especially as an Android version is already available in its native South Korea.

It’s unclear what the third game in the series is about, but we do have a title: Zenonia 3: The Midgard Story. Judging by Gamevil’s softly-softly iterative approach to its licences, though, you can expect more of the same action-RPG gameplay mixed with a healthy dose of melodrama.



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