ZOMBIE iPHONE GAMES (iOS Gameplay Montage)

ZOMBIE iPHONE GAMES (iOS Gameplay Montage)

This is a montage of some of the funny gameplay moments from zombie related iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad / iOS games that I have played on my LonnieDos channel…



lonniedos says:

Mollie Menuck says:

can u tell us how u record games?

everythingtech7 says:

Can you play MODERN COMBAT 4?

sketch17ify says:

yee zombie killer squad ;D

Tom Zach says:

uber cool :D

xba222 says:

You are so frickin’ random :D

Toxic Gaming says:

That was freaking awesome hahaha! xD KEEP IT UP :D

Mollie Menuck says:

what app do u use?

daniel keilloh says:

play vector its really good

Septa Harry Newnham says:

check my channle and comment

Carol verona says:

sooo funny

Unochao says:

Play geometry daaaaaaash!!! :D

mikel damm says:

More off dat video

brianna cherup says:

play jump chump it’s soooooo fun

Aiden Odonnell says:

Please play bouncy squid

Kristen Jester says:

Could you play Aerox please, it is a great game!

mickey vo says:

Clappy Bird

Jolanta ZT says:

where is walking dead season 2?

علي بوصالح says:

Hay please plaey monstercrafter

Mtlmods says:

can you please play kings league pleassssse it it would be so cool ud make
my day if u did

Hope you like it if u play

AppStatch says:

Could you make a gameplay be touchgrind skate 2

Joanna Wojciechowska says:

Awesome (second like) I love you lonnie!!!! Yay

BradHD100 says:

22 comment

Mary Slee says:

Play Simpsons tapped out 

Jack Clamage says:

Please play more Hop Truck 2!

Jimmy Lai says:

Play agent dash

Noel Alvarez says:


Yoni Drijkoningen says:

You always make me laugh a little to much

Luis Sanchez says:

yes he played dead trigger 2

Jordan Martinez says:

Please do chiken boy

jacob william says:

Can u play airplane simulator

Ethan Smith says:

I love YouTube but I can’t watch any videos bec my internet sucks!

Nicole Alcala says:

play naughty bear

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